Digital transformation everywhere is moving quickly, and it can be hard to recognize and understand the barriers and benefits specific to women’s full digital inclusion. At the same time, the disruptive effects of digital technologies create opportunities to solve old problems in new ways. Bridging the digital gender divide can grow countries’ economies, expand job opportunities, and improve health and education outcomes.


Women in Digital Transformation takes a holistic approach to identifying and addressing the specific barriers and opportunities for women’s full social and economic inclusion in digital transformation in each country. Our innovative assessment and diagnostic tool analyzes the digital gender divide through the lens of women’s life-cycle, from pre-school age through retirement. We assess barriers and opportunities for women as adopters and users of digital technologies, developers and designers, and leaders and champions of digital transformation. Our tool can be adapted to gather and analyze relevant data for specific economic sectors such as agriculture, energy and healthcare, as well as municipal governments. We work closely with government leaders and managers to understand their program objectives and take a whole-of-government approach to identify, design and implement context-specific, high-impact, data-driven solutions. We incorporate the Principles for Digital Development at every stage of the process.



Advise on integrating women and digital into existing and planned national and municipal development strategies

Advise on institutional policies, leadership and management approaches for bridging digital gender divide

Advise on legal/regulatory, policy environment related to women and digital

Prepare roadmaps and provide support for implementation and monitoring of women and digital programs/activities

Organize and engage relevant stakeholder communities, including donors, foundations, private sector

Design women and digital development programs/activities with measurable impact across economic sectors

Advise on strengthening the inclusion of women in digital leadership

Support the development of digital entrepreneurship ecosystem for digital transformation of women-owned businesses

Conduct knowledge and capacity-building trainings for national and local government officials to understand and address the digital gender divide

Raise awareness of the causes and effects of the digital gender divide and identify opportunities and solutions together

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