What we do

For many, the digital gender divide may not be visible at first glance. Data gaps may hide the fact that fewer women and girls have access to the Internet. Online applications and services may not be designed with the particular needs of women and girls in mind. Going online or using social media may pose unique risks to women and girls’ privacy and safety. Sociocultural norms may make it difficult for women and girls to use and engage with digital technologies. Educational programs that teach digital skills may not encourage women’s inclusion, or actively exclude them. At the same time, bringing women and girls fully online can create significant economic growth and social benefits for developing countries.

Women in Digital Transformation works to find gaps and opportunities in digital transformation for women from pre-school age through retirement. We believe that inclusive digital transformation will help women be happier in every role they play during their lives, from students and professionals, to entrepreneurs, mothers, grandmothers and more. We want all women to be successful adopters and users of digital technologies in their everyday lives. We want women to be developers and designers of digital technologies, so those technologies serve all of humanity’s needs. We want women to be leaders and champions of digital transformation in their communities and countries, to inspire the next generations.

Women in Digital Transformation works with governments, development organizations, civil society and the private sector to ensure women can benefit from, participate in and lead digital transformation in their homes, communities and countries. Our focus is on finding innovative, effective, sustainable solutions for overcoming the specific barriers that prevent women’s full inclusion in the social and economic digital transformations underway worldwide.

Work with us to bridge the digital gender divide.

We work with governments to understand the benefits and overcome the barriers to women’s full inclusion in the digital transformation underway in their countries and communities.

We partner with donors, development agencies, development companies and nonprofits to center and amplify women + digital in their development programs and projects.

We collaborate with businesses to create innovative, effective, sustainable solutions designed to achieve women’s full inclusion in the digital economy and society.