Private Sector

The private sector is a key partner to ensuring no one is excluded from the benefits of digital transformation. We must design new technologies with and for women and address hidden data biases. Together, we can find innovative, effective, sustainable solutions designed to achieve women’s full inclusion in the digital economy and society.


Women in Digital Transformation takes a holistic approach to identifying and addressing the specific barriers and opportunities for women’s full social and economic inclusion in digital transformation. Our innovative assessment and diagnostic tool analyzes the digital gender divide through the lens of women’s life-cycle, from pre-school age through retirement. We assess barriers and opportunities for women as adopters and users of digital technologies, developers and designers, and leaders and champions of digital transformation. Our tool can be adapted to gather and analyze relevant data for specific economic sectors such as agriculture, energy and healthcare, as well as municipal governments. We work across the stakeholder community to identify, design and implement context-specific, high-impact, data-driven solutions to bridging the digital gender divide. We incorporate the Principles for Digital Development at every stage of the process.

Private Sector


Identify country-specific digital gender divide challenges and design and implement solutions

Please contact us so we can brainstorm together on solutions for women’s full inclusion in the digital economy and society.

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We are based in Washington, DC.