Who we are

Our network of senior consultants and leading experts are committed to identifying, developing and using the opportunities that digital transformation offers to achieve lasting, positive change for women everywhere. Work with us to bridge the digital gender divide.


Reyn Anderson

Is a born lawyer, digital development specialist and excellent project manager. She loves building and working with teams of great people who can bring innovative solutions to clients’ toughest challenges.

Kate Gromova

Is a business development professional, digital and innovation development expert. She loves working with innovative ideas and emerging technologies to help developing countries to leapfrog their development.

Strategic Advisors

Declan Deasy
Strategic Advisor

Is former Director, Directorate General for Informatics, European Commission. He works as a Senior Digital Strategy Advisor working with national administrations, as well as international organisations such as the European Commission and the World Bank on regional and national digital strategies, public sector digital transformation and data-driven administrations.

Zuhra Halimova
Strategic Advisor

Is an innovative leader in international development and inclusive growth with over twenty -five years of professional experience in Central Asia and South Asia region and beyond.


Yulia Druzhnikova

Has over fifteen years of marketing and business development experience for tech companies, scaling their business to the global market. Her true passion is bringing the tech companies from zero to one.

Zamira Dzhusupova

Is a global expert in digital transformation with hands-on experience both in public and private sectors. She initiated and successfully led automation projects for businesses and digital development initiatives in various countries supported by the international development organizations.

Stela Leuca

Is a natural at all things policy and development, avid promoter of the use of digital resources and partnerships for transformation and growth. She believes in the power of innovation to drive social change while building on solid foundations that government, private sector and civil society bring to the table and is passionate about bridging the digital divide.

Darshan Yadunath

Believes in the tremendous power of digital technologies and data for the common good. The world is faced with a widening digital divide between the digital ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. By unleashing the transformative power of cutting edge digital technologies, data and digital skills, he strongly believes this gap can be closed, and the world be made a better place.

John R. Savageau

Is a global expert in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and data infrastructure, including datacenter architecture.

Yaroslav Eferin

Is an expert in data policy, digital platforms, digital strategies (including AI strategies), digital ethics

Alexandra (Sasha) Sternik

IT ecosystem builder

Research Analysts

Garima Gupta
Research Analyst

Is an experienced international corporate lawyer turned digital development devotee.